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Best Architectural Firm

RTA Architects

You probably know RTA even if you think you don’t. They’re the architectural group behind the University Village Shopping Center, John Adams Elementary School, a St. Francis Medical Center expansion, the new Springs Rescue Mission and the proposed Pikes Peak Summit Complex project.

What is it that makes RTA Architects so special?

“I think we are a group of friendly, passionate people who love architecture, have chosen Colorado Springs as the place we want to live and practice, and are passionate about making the communities we work in better places through design,” said Stuart Coppedge, principal. “We are very intentional in what we do and always seeking to learn and improve, from the way we welcome and train new employees, to the software we use, to how we measure the success of our projects. We work as hard building relationships with clients as we do designing their buildings and are blessed to have developed strong relationships with many of them through the years. Although we continue to work around the state, we are especially proud of how we are expanding our significant long-term, but lesser-known, presence here in Colorado Springs with several community-focused projects.”

Instead of purely focusing on the results of the architectural design process, RTA focuses on what motivates them and defined them as tenets to follow:

“Connecting through experience of place. We enhance the lives of the people in our community and foster a vibrant culture.

“Ever curious. Ever learning. Ever improving. We promote a culture of innovation through collaboration, creative leadership, and determined exploration.

“Purposeful, engaging solutions. We meet every challenge with intentional response and thoughtful craft to enrich lives, inspire and delight.”

Web: rtaarchitects.com | Phone: 719-471-7566

2. Colorado Design Concepts Inc.

Phone: 719-380-1090

3. HB&A

Web: hbaa.com | Phone: 719-473-7063

Construction, Design & Engineering