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Best Bed & Breakfast

St. Mary’s Inn

Centrally located, this 12-bedroom bed and breakfast has modern amenities in a meticulously maintained turn-of-the-century-style home. Cheery, sunny and comfortable, St. Mary’s Inn is popular for tourists, honeymooners and families. They’ve won Bedandbreakfast.com’s Best of the West and Rockies award since 2008, and chalk up their success to being in a business that suits their values.

“Come over for a cup of coffee. See, hospitality is what it’s all about,” said owner Edwin Stark. “Serving others and hospitality make us truly happy. If you can be subservient to your guests, have a good time together, and make sure they enjoy the experience, that’s what this business, the business of hospitality, is all about. It all comes down to treating others like you like to be treated, even if they’re having a bad day. Especially if they’re having a bad day.”

Web: thestmarysinn.com | Phone: 719-540-2222

2. Old Town Guesthouse

Web: oldtown-guesthouse.com | Phone: 888-375-4210

3. Holden House

Web: holdenhouse.com | Phone: 719-471-3980

Colorado Springs, Write-in