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Best Breakfast Restaurant

Over Easy

It’s challenging to have a breakfast eatery that’s busy enough to have a significant wait time every weekend morning, and still manage to maintain a high customer rating, but Over Easy pulls it off. Now expanded to three locations in Colorado Springs, its jam-packed (literally, in some cases) local, organic, made-from-scratch menu has something for everyone.

“First of all, I want our ingredients to be local as often as possible and always fresh, which means there is a large focus on what is seasonal,” said Executive Chef Justin Castor in an online interview. “That can be one of the more challenging parts of the job, but it’s so important. I want people to know exactly what is in their food — no chemicals or preservatives that people don’t understand. Also, I do everything I can to avoid waste. When our owner Randy brought the chefs to Shamrock Foods in Arizona to learn and see firsthand all the hard work that goes into the produce industry, I left with an entirely new appreciation and passion to avoid unnecessary disposal.”

Owned by Rocky Mountain Restaurant Group, Over Easy is one of several popular and growing chains, a sibling to Salsa Brava, Urban Egg Daytime Eatery in Fort Collins and Highlands Ranch, and Sonterra Grill.

Web: overeasycolorado.com | Phone (downtown): 719-471-2311

2. King’s Chef Diner

Web: cosdiner.com | Phone: 719-634-9135

3. The Omelette Parlor

Web: co-spgs-omeletteparlor.com | Phone: 719-633-7770

Colorado Springs, Write-in