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Best Co-working Space

Epicentral Coworking

Started by entrepreneurs Lisa Tessarowicz and Hannah Parsons, Epicentral Coworking at 415 N. Tejon St. is a collaborative space for entrepreneurs, startups, nontraditional businesses and remote workers.

With office space available at different levels — from just a desk where workers can plug in their laptops to full-fledged office suites — the company strives to do more than just provide a place to work.

“We want to create a community for freelancers, entrepreneurs, remote workers,” Tessarowicz said. “We want to create a community for people who don’t work in a traditional office environment, a place that is supportive and collaborative.”

Co-working spaces have taken off in recent years, and Epicentral competes with shared office spaces around the city. But Tessarowicz says her concept is different.

“We have an established community of more than 100 members,” she said. “We’re diverse; we’re collaborative; we’re supportive. We started with the goal of being more than just a place to work — you can do that at a coffee shop. But we want to build the creative, collaborative space first. That’s what makes us different.”

And the future looks much the same, she said.

“We want to continue to add value to our members at Epicentral,” she said. “We know that people want to work hard, want to collaborate. So we’ll continue to build and support that the best we can.”

Web: epicentral.org | Phone: 719-470-0415

2. Catalyst Campus

Web: catalystcampus.com | Phone: 719-445-5068

3. 365 Grand Club Offices

Web: 365grandclub.com/office-space | Phone: 719-466-9675

Colorado Springs, Write-in