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Best Cybersecurity Firm

Firma IT Solutions

Rodney Gullatte Jr. started his company as a way to stay gainfully employed during the frequent moves military spouses are required to make.

“I face the challenge of potential unemployment every time my active-duty Air Force wife gets orders,” he said. “After being awarded a GS-13 position with NOAA in Key West and having it rescinded 23 days later because of the government shutdown, I incorporated, joined the Key West Chamber of Commerce and haven’t looked back. That was six years ago.”

When his wife received orders for Colorado Springs, he kept his business in Key West but opened another branch in the Springs. Gullatte says it’s his commitment to the community that sets him apart.

“Service in this community and the willingness to give is something that makes my business different from others,” he said. “This includes being the new director of community service projects for the Rotary Club of Colorado Springs. Helping other businesses make money also makes us different. We deliberately don’t manage all aspects of IT, just so we can form relationships with other IT businesses in this community and spread the wealth. Our purpose is not to have transactional relationships with people but to help them and form meaningful relationships.”

And he shows that giving dedication throughout his business.

“‘Givers gain’ is our guiding philosophy,” he said. “If I can help other businesses thrive, then they will help me thrive.”

Web: firmaitss.com | Phone: 719-377-6603

 2. root9b

Web: root9b.com | Phone: 719-505-6717

3. National Cybersecurity Center

Web: nationalcybersecuritycenter.org | Phone: 719-255-5225

Colorado Springs, Write-in