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Best Health & Fitness Center

Planet Fitness

“Planet Fitness is unique in that we don’t cater to intimidating atmospheres — we are considered the judgment-free zone,” said Jodi Shamaley, one of Planet Fitness’ principal owners in Colorado Springs. “We allow people to come in and work out however they feel comfortable, at whatever level they feel comfortable. We like you to feel like you belong.”

Planet Fitness is entering its sixth year in Colorado Springs, with three locations and hopes for further growth.

“We are elated that we’ve been welcomed into the community … and have such an overwhelming amount of support from our members and people in the Colorado Springs area,” she said. “We feel very fortunate to be doing business here and we are very proud to be a part of the area.”

Planet Fitness focuses on having clean facilities, excellent equipment, free unlimited fitness training for all members, a ‘Black Card’ level membership that offers additional perks nationwide, and “absolutely incredible” staff, Shamaley said. “We’re affordable and we love our community and welcome everyone with open arms.”

Web: planetfitness.com | Phone: 719-632-2500

2. CrossFit SoCo

Web: crossfitsoco.com | Phone: 719-233-2697

3. VillaSport Athletic Club and Spa

Web: villasport.com/colorado-springs | Phone: 719-522-1221

Colorado Springs, Write-in