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Best Home Health Care Agency

The Independence Center

The Independence Center aims “to address the whole person” through self-directed home health care, traditional home health services, independent living and advocacy services, said Michelle West, director of marketing and communications. Celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, The Independence Center’s mission is “to work with people with disabilities, their families and the community to create independence so all may thrive,” she said.

Advocacy services include peer support, skills classes and employment assistance.

“Through our independent living center [we offer] all kinds of things that help people get jobs if they can, and help people learn how to get Social Security benefits, for example,” West said. “We have peer support groups for caregivers and for the clients of the home health agencies.”

The IC also runs a Certified Nurse Aide school. As well as the ability to address the whole person, West said what sets The IC apart is its status as a local nonprofit that gives back.

“A lot of people like that because they know we’re advancing the cause of people with disabilities — even with advocacy that we do at the state level and at the city level,” she said. “That’s probably what separates us from the rest.”

Web: theindependencecenter.org | Phone: 719-471-8181

2. Interim HealthCare of Colorado Springs

Web: interimhealthcare.com/coloradosprings/home
Phone: 719-632-9900

3. Complete Home Health Care

Web: completehhc.com | Phone: 719-599-7902

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