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Best IT or Computer Support Company

Amnet IT

Providing both local businesses and businesses throughout the state with IT support since 1998, Trevor Dierdorff, founder and chief executive officer of Amnet IT, and his team continue to grow and maintain their market goals.

“I had a business mentor named Jerry Biggs and when Amnet was in its infancy, he told me, ‘You have to choose if you’re going to be the best or the cheapest and you can’t be both. There’s not a wrong answer.’ So, I decided philosophically, I was going to make my goal being the best,” Dierdorff said.

He said a factor that has made his company strong is “phenomenal client and employee retention.” Amnet recently lost its first employee since 2013.

“It helps to have that consistency with our staff and be consistent for our clients,” he said.

As a previous Best in Business winner, Dierdorff said, “It’s a matter of pride that we continue to prove to the market and prove to ourselves we are the best. We are not the largest or cheapest, but we do believe we are the best and we maintain that.”

Web: amnet.net | Phone: 719-442-6683

2. Colorado Computer Support

Web: coloradosupport.com | Phone: 719-439-0599

3. Navakai Inc.

Web: navakai.com | Phone: 719-630-1280

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Amnet IT, Colorado Computer Support, Navakai Inc.