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Best Law Firm

Stinar Zendejas & Gaithe PLLC

Colorado Springs-based law firm Stinar Zendejas & Gaithe PLLC supports local small businesses, corporations and individuals through business and legal actions — such as business formation and planning, tax matters, real estate, employment law, nonprofit representation and more.

“We try to be a full-service law firm for individuals and small businesses. We try to stand out with clients and try to be in front of their needs,” said Jim Zendejas, partner at the firm.

Zendejas said he and Stinar have been doing business together since 2001 and have been proud of the firm’s growth.

“Even in a recession time we were still able to grow our firm. We were able to survive and grow,” he said. “We’re now at six lawyers, eight staff members and two interns.”

Zendejas’ advice on running a law firm?

“Be honest with your clients and, if you know the answer, tell them fairly. If you don’t know the answer, let them know that too. Understand what your firm can and can’t do.”

Web: coloradolawgroup.com | Phone: 719-635-4200

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Web: mcdivittlaw.com | Phone: 719-471-3700

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