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Best Manufacturing Company

Springs Fabrication

Local metal product manufacturing company Springs Fabrication Inc., just a two-man operation in 1986, now has inroads with companies nationwide and boasts more than 200 employees.

“We focus on taking on highly technical, challenging work. Our customer base is throughout the U.S. and outside the country as well,” said Tom Neppl, president of the company. “We are locally owned and have been here a long time. We are focused on doing what we can in the community as well as trying to make Colorado Springs a better place.”

Neppl said there are three main assets Springs Fabrication values and to which it attributes its success: good employees, good customers and good suppliers.

Web: springsfab.com | Phone: 719-596-8830

2. Qualtek Manufacturing Inc.

Web: qualtekmfg.com | Phone: 719-598-3394

3. Trine Aero

Web: trineaerospace.com | Phone: 719-623-5001

Construction, Design & Engineering