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Best Office Cleaning Company

VeriClean Springs

VeriClean Springs owner Dee Anna Thompson, who also won this award in 2013, was ecstatic to be recognized by Business Journal readers.

“That’s wonderful. It means everything to me,” she said. “I put the award on all my proposals and paperwork.”

She’s won other awards but said this one means the most.

“We’ve been recognized by the Gazette and by the Business Journal, but I so prefer the Business Journal because that’s our customers,” Thompson said. “It’s people who are serious about business and that’s our demographic. We love to win this award.”

Thompson started the business 17 years ago in Denver before moving to Colorado Springs. Asked what sets her business apart, she said, “We do what we say we’re going to do; others might sell on the service and not do half of what they’re supposed to. We listen to our customers. All of our clients come to us after dropping other contracts. We have a lot of history and keep getting stronger and stronger every year.”

Thompson said her cleaning company is going global.

“It’ll probably take a couple of years but we’re trying to sell our model to others in the United States to start with,” she said. “That’s how you know you’re doing something right, when others are interested in it.”

Web: vericleansprings.com | Phone: 719-216-7844

2. Jan-Pro Cleaning Systems

Web: jan-prosoutherncolorado.com | Phone: 719-264-1117

3. 360 Clean of Colorado

Web: 360clean.com | Phone: 719-481-2949

Colorado Springs, Write-in