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Best Private School

The Colorado Springs School

While technology has been blamed for creating social and emotional divides between many school-aged children, The Colorado Springs School focuses on bringing them together. Voted the Best Private School, the institution wants to be the total package, according to Amaya Firestone, the school’s advancement and communications assistant.

The school recently adopted the Yale Ruler Program, which helps students develop social and emotional literacy. School leaders encourage accountability. As the school’s students get older, they’re exposed to a variety of leadership and team-building experiences, including camping expeditions where they handle all the details, including making dinner outdoors (even in the rain, if necessary).

The faculty must be doing something right. CSS alumni, once in college, are the ones setting high expectations and taking leadership roles in their classes. And Firestone said their solid educational background often leads them to seek out college faculty for extra time and immersion. “We’re not teaching to the test,” she said. “When a faculty member sees a student interested in something, we [often] bring in more resources for the student to capture that passion.”

Web: css.org | Phone: 719-475-9747

2. Colorado Springs Christian School

Web: cscslions.org | Phone: 719-599-3553

3. St. Mary’s High School

Web: smhscs.org | Phone: 719-635-7540

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