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Best Promotional Items

Proforma Peak Marketing

As owner of Proforma Peak Marketing, winning for Best Promotional Items is Liz Anderson’s equivalent of an Academy Award for small business.

“I’m thrilled beyond belief!” she said. “I was nominated in the past and thought that was cool. The second time is even better.”

Anderson’s franchise company provides her clients with creative direction that includes coming up with a range of ideas that can make anyone look like a rock star to their boss, she said.

Combined with a fast turnaround, the company offers its clients the full package.

Anderson makes it a priority to keep up with what’s going on in her field to help provide her clients with the best options available. And the options are nearly endless when it comes to promotional items: lanyards, T-shirts, mugs. Proforma will take care of it.

“It’s a matter of sitting down with the client and focusing and seeing what their needs are,” she said.

Web: peakmarketing.proforma.com | Phone: 719-229-2369

2. Bing Promotional Products

Web: bingpromo.com | Phone: 719-538-0040

3. Shirt Stop of Colorado Springs Inc.

Web: shirtstoponline.com | Phone: 719-574-7710

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