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Best Pueblo Cybersecurity Company

Corporate Technologies Inc.

David and Mary Swangler of Corporate Technologies Inc. were voted Best Pueblo Cybersecurity Company. The couple prides themselves in keeping customers since the business incorporated in 1990.

“We work hard to get that kind of recognition,” David said of the award. “It’s fantastic! It’s nice to be recognized.”

The tech support company specializes in IT management and support, consulting, and cloud solutions, among other services. According to David, the company has 6½ employees and is in growth mode.

CTI’s niche is small businesses, according to David.

“We really … fit smaller companies that don’t have ability to do their own IT, but need the resources of a full-fledged help desk,” he said.

He said the thing that sets CTI apart from competitors is the longevity and expertise of its employees.

“No company in Pueblo can last without a real good work ethic from its employees, and we’re really concerned about our customers,” he said.

Swangler said he enjoys his job and interacting with the community.

“We really enjoy the work. We hire nerds like myself,” he said. “And we can’t say enough good things about our clients.”

Web: corptechinc.com | Phone: 719-544-4173

2. Amnet

Web: amnet.net | Phone: 719-442-6683

3. N/A

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