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Best Pueblo Home Improvement Company

Peak Structural

Training, training, training.

If you wonder how Peak Structural came to win Best Pueblo Home Improvement Company, it’s probably the training.

“We train 2,400 hours a year — product training, customer service training,” said David Correa, marketing supervisor at Peak Structural, which is headquartered in Palmer Lake.

“We have a market share along the Front Range of 84.3 percent,” Correa said. “That means 84.3 percent of those who need their foundation repaired or waterproofing in their home choose us, even with more than one bid. In fact, we encourage more than one bid.”

Correa said the company prides itself on customer service.

“Obviously this is an honor,” he said of the recognition. “Our company’s sole focus is customer service and we’ve won a lot of awards for our customer service. That’s where we make our impact as a company.”

The company has tripled its employee count over the past two years, and is continuing to grow, thanks to the leadership of Paul Sutton, pictured above.

Correa said the company’s motto is, “Securing foundations for life.”

“We want our customers to be comfortable in their homes,” Correa said. “Secure for life.”

Web: structuralrepaircolorado.com | Phone: 1-877-492-8774

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