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Best Pueblo Restaurant/Bar

Bingo Burger

When Richard Warner began selling his burgers in front of his wife’s Pueblo bakery during the 2007 Chile & Frijoles Festival, he had no idea his roasted chile-infused recipe would soon take the region by storm.

“They became pretty popular,” said Bingo Burger Creative Director Ken Stacks. “So, after a few years, Richard decided he was on to something.”

Ten years and many happy customers is all the proof he needed.

Warner opened the first Bingo Burger location in Pueblo in 2010 and, after experiencing local success, decided to expand his business to Colorado Springs in 2014.

“Our Springs [and Pueblo] customers really seem to appreciate the fact that we’re locally sourced, all the way from our burgers and buns up to our selection of Colorado craft beers,” Stacks said.

The Pueblo location has been a local favorite since opening; it features a large outdoor patio and hosts a series of events throughout the summer, including live music on Friday and Saturday nights.

“The goal is to make Bingo a fun place to be for the community, and not just a restaurant,” Stacks said. “And so far, I think we’re succeeding. We seem to have fiercely loyal clientele and it’s a great place to hang out.”

With community popularity and economic success at both the Pueblo and Colorado Springs locations, Stacks said that he wouldn’t be surprised if the business soon grows to more locations.

“Both have been growing like gangbusters, so my guess is more Bingos are on the way,” he said.

Web: bingoburger.com | Phone: 719-418-6223

2. The Place Eatery

Web: theplacepueblo.com | Phone: 719-299-4966

3. Walter’s Brewery & Taproom

Web: waltersbeer.com | Phone: 719-542-0766

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