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Best University


One of the fastest-growing universities in the state of Colorado, UCCS is a staple in Colorado Springs. The university serves as a resource for local businesses through workforce development and community engagement, says Tom Hutton, spokesman for the University of Colorado campus.

“UCCS assists the business, as well as the government and nonprofit sectors, by providing the workforce of the future — employees who have broad skills in critical thinking and problem-solving, as well as specific skill sets that are in high demand,” Hutton said.

The university has more than 42,000 alumni, and about two-thirds of them live and work in the Pikes Peak region.

Because of its local impact, Hutton said UCCS focuses on diversity and inclusion as its guiding philosophy.

“UCCS values inclusive diversity as a foundation for teaching and scholarship that prepares students, faculty, staff and community members for local and global multicultural realities,” he said. “UCCS serves a diverse, low-income, often first-generation, excellent student body. UCCS focuses on students, their success and the delivery of high-quality education that provides opportunities for their futures.”

Web: uccs.edu
Phone: 719-255-8227

2. Pikes Peak Community College

Web: ppcc.edu
Phone: 719-502-2000

3. Colorado College

Web: coloradocollege.edu
Phone: 719-389-6000

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